Montreal-born artist, mokina, soothes us with her bossa nova inspired track "ipanema".

The familiarity of the opening guitar chords will instantly have you swaying as mokina serenades us with her sultry vocals and smooth melodies. She effortlessly glides over the bossa nova style track while painting the picture of sweeter times of “drifting slowly” in 25 degrees weather.


The song’s original influences are evident but Mokina’s individual style shines through as she blends nuances of Jazz and R&B together to create “ipanema”.


Speaking on the track, mokina said: “It was so much fun bringing this ep to life with my producer carbeau, he’s one of the most talented humans I know and having grown up in Brazil, he knew exactly where to take the songs without me needing to say a word. We literally put it all together through text messages and sending bounces back and forth between my home studio in Baleal, pt and his in Paris, fr. the only time we actually phoned each other was to figure out the title of the ep, and we went for vol. 1 because we’ve got lots more cooking in the oven”.


mokina first graced the scene in 2018 with her single “Landline”, hypnotising us with her dulcet tones and reverbed electric guitar chords. She has been steadily building her discography of music with her latest EP ‘Sunday’ as her first mini body of work, with the electric piano-led single “Lazy Mornings” scooping up over 250 thousand streams. Now with her latest offering, it is clear that mokina is delivering us the vibes we need to feel warm and cosy in these winter months.

Stream "ipanema" below: