Lilith Ai returns with new offering, “IRL”, a soft indie gem mixing bedroom pop and indie rock for ultimate nostalgia.

Lilith Ai began releasing lo-fi bedroom recordings in 2016 and her latest single is a natural development from these beginnings. Bringing together elements of bedroom pop and indie rock, her sound combines lo-fi soundscapes with introspective lyrics. Through the track, she discusses the desire to “hold up a mirror” to our collective actions. Opening with a gentle guitar line and wistful vocals, the track eventually builds to an emotive climax with candid lyrics and powerful chords. In the artist’s words, there is a realisation we are all “IRL”, “we can’t restart the game, or reboot”. Amongst these life experiences, Lilith Ai calls for “empathy”, and this track becomes a poignant discussion of modern life.


Hailing from “nowhere special”, Lilith’s first EP, ‘Riot’, included underground anthems that resonated with so-called Riot grrrls worldwide. She spent some of her teen years living on the streets of New York, and her second EP ‘Native Tongue’, chronicles these experiences. ‘IRL’ follows on from two singles Lilith Ai released this year, ‘Black Cherry’ and ‘Bloodlines’, tracks that continue to demonstrate Lilith’s emotional sensitivity and sharp song-writing ability. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Listen to the song below: