Saint Sister's new music video is a playful commentary on social anxiety.

Irish duo Saint Sister’s new video for, “Is It Too Early? (Kilmainham)”, adds new levels of meaning to the melancholic new single. The track was inspired by the homesickness and anxiety the duo experienced during their 12-month worldwide tour last year which is beautifully invoked by an atmospheric mix of folk and electronic melodies and RnB beats. While the song is rooted in loneliness, the signature harmonies and Irish harp make it warming ode to the band’s homeland and a nod to the collective comfort that can be found in common experiences of discomfort.

This is conveyed wryly in the track’s new music video which portrays an invisible man placed in an array of common social situations where no one notices him except for us, the viewers. The deadpan expressions of the actor and comedian Manus Halligan stand in stark contrast with the joyful scenes he is placed in and the surreal humour of the video enhances the poignancy of the track. The first release this year their debut 2018 record “Shape of Silence”, we hope, “Is It Too Early? (Kilmainham)” is one of many soul-stirring new tracks to come from Saint Sister. Go ahead and embrace your feelings with this compelling video.