Ayoub Kharbouch releases his highly-anticipated debut project, 'it is what it is'.

Ayoub Kharbouch, better known as “Ayoub,” American rapper, singer, and producer hailing from the Bronx, NY, has released his highly anticipated debut project, It Is What It Is. Drawing upon personal experiences and the acquired wisdom from his journey, Ayoub extends an invitation to his audience, encouraging them to accept both situations and individuals as they are. He advises letting go of excessive overthinking and stress, while advocating for moving forward with an open heart.


The album stands as a masterpiece of sound, showcasing an atmospheric foundation driven by pads, along with eerie choir samples and somber string compositions. These elements collectively take the listeners on an emotional voyage akin to a rollercoaster ride. Within each track, Ayoub narrates tales of heartache, comforting anecdotes, and captivating encounters within the nightlife. These experiences have all contributed to shaping his evolution as an artist. Despite confronting the toll of heartbreak and the demands of nocturnal living on the mind, Ayoub’s artistic brilliance radiates through this project. Titled It Is What It Is, the album aptly demonstrates Ayoub’s versatility, effortlessly transitioning between rap and soulful melodies that promise to mesmerize listeners.


Ayoub is an American recording artist and producer born and raised in the Bronx and then moved to New Jersey as a teenager. He was raised primarily by his single mother on welfare, and his brother, 3x Grammy nominated multi-platinum recording artist French Montana, who became the family’s breadwinner while their father was living in Morocco. Paying homage to the Bronx, Ayoub’s work is often influenced by the city life, his family, and heritage, articulated by his poetic lyricism and vocals. He released his first single and music video “Slidin” in collaboration with French Montana via Coke Boys Records on July 22, 2022.


Last year, Ayoub collaborated with his blood brother French Montana on the “Slidin’’” single. This accompanying music video has impressively garnered 2.5 million views on YouTube, attracting endorsements from industry titans like Drake, alongside other influential artists. Additionally, prominent music publications such as Complex, Revolt, and Hot New Hip Hop featured the track, further solidifying Ayoub’s presence in the music scene.

Listen to 'it is what it is' below: