London's Cosmic Strip pen an ode to first loves on new single Heavenly.

First loves are an intoxicating thing. Without the experiences of previous relationships to guide them, they can be messy and they can pure, they’re often both. That whirlwind of emotion is what London shoegaze outfit Cosmic Strip wanted to capture with their latest single ‘Heavenly’. A dreamy, lovestruck song, its lyrics are an ode to the intensity of those first relationships and the almost addictive quality of it.


Premiering on Notion, the accompanying video sees married couple Maggie and Rene Matić running around the town of Hastings, exploring the woods and playing in arcades. Directed by Chloe Sheppard the video is a wholesome portrayal of what Cosmic Strip frontwoman Camella Agabalyan describes as ‘pure, real and unconditional love’, full of small details that evoke memories of early romance. Speaking about the video Camella said “I wanted to portray a love that was pure, real and unconditional. I always admired Chloe’s work for her female gaze woven into vintage dreams. Collaborating with her on 8mm to showcase the beautiful relationship between Maggie & Rene set against Hastings – a town that taught me years ago to be who I am today – felt like the perfect fit for ‘Heavenly’”. Watch the video for ‘Heavenly’ below.