German electronic rap artist Jaime delivers a fresh batch of songs, with the lead single "It's Fine" from his upcoming album 'Continuously'.

Drummer, producer and sound designer Joe Styppa, aka Jaime, lives and works in the German countryside. An unconventional context for electronic music, the artist continues to deliver technically mature, yet fully authentic tracks.


For his latest release, Jaime worked with various artists and friends, each giving their special touch to this unmistakable and yet always fresh-sounding project. From Rap to R&B to Future Bass and everything that resonates in the rooms in between, Jaime creates a selection of tracks with a unique style. The lead single ‘It’s Fine’ is a mixture of Trap and Pop, combining soft synths, thick bass, and Styppa’s dark voice alongside a drum and percussion arrangement.


Jaime is respected for his genre-spanning production, as well as the way organic elements meet electronic ones in his work. We can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Stream "It's Fine" below: