There's new music coming from ITS HAB very soon - here's the low down on the rising star.

ITS HAB, the Florida-based artist, has been making music and sharing his experiences with his listeners. Despite facing challenges in his life, he remains dedicated to creating music that reflects his personal journey.


He got into music through a close friend who took him to the studio. Since then, he has been consistently working on his craft and telling his story through his music. He shared that the most challenging thing he has overcome in life is not letting his problems affect him in his everyday life and using them as inspiration for his music. The artist’s music reflects his life experiences, and he hopes that his listeners can relate to his stories. He wants people to take away the message of staying true to oneself after listening to his music.


ITS HAB is currently signed with a record label and has been working with several producers, including Loaditupcarl, Divini, Equinox, and Mightymadethebeat. He also produces some of his music himself. His greatest achievement as a musician so far has been signing his deal with a record label. With his upcoming song with Rylo Rodriguez and a tape after that, ITS HAB’s fans can look forward to more music from the artist in the near future.


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