Earning his stripes in the rap game, Jacari is poised for a fruitful career as 'It's a Lonely Road' propels him further towards stardom.

24-year-old rapper and producer Jacari has earned his stripes as one of the prospects poised to take rap/hip-hop and the entire music industry to the next level. One of his productions just hit 1 Million Streams. Jacari has also written several hit songs.


Jacari has written and released “Falling Apart,” “Sorry,” “Forever,” “Light,” “On the Dash,” and his most recent release, “Robbery.” Despite its recent release, “Robbery” is already a trending sound with nearly 100K streams on Spotify. The song is part of Jacari’s second EP, ‘It’s A Lonely Road’. The EP contains three singles and brings out Jacari’s diversity and rich sound, which fans and artists alike have highly praised.


Jacari’s sound is fresh and unique, with sonics influenced by different music styles. Having been in the industry for almost six years, Jacari is borrowing from this to create music that tells a story and, more importantly, conveys a message of love, positivity, and hope.


Jacari has been working in the music industry for about six years. He uncovered his passion for music at a young age, pushing him to start his journey early. However, at the time, his focus was on production. Jacari has produced music for top artists in and out of the country, with the songs and music videos amassing thousands of views. One of the songs that Jacari helped produce has hit one million streams, as Jacari now leans towards music writing/rapping.


While he loves production, Jacari is on the lookout for an avenue to share his story. So far, he has leveraged his songs to share bits of his story and encourage listeners and fans.


Jacari has encountered different obstacles in his six-year journey in the industry. At one point, Jacari lost all his songs. Jacari was working on a huge album when his files became corrupted, leaving him with no means of recovering his lost data. While moving forward was frustrating and difficult, Jacari didn’t stop showing up for his dream. He worked hard to remake all the lost songs.


“Building a solid name in any niche is hard. There are different roadblocks along the way, from competition to fear of failure and lack of resources, making the journey twice as hard. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible to get to the top,” says Jacari.


His advice to young creators and entrepreneurs is to invest in their goals, believe in themselves, and never give up on their craft. “Regardless of the state of things, there is always a way out; you simply have to find it,” says Jacari.


Jacari didn’t give up on his passion and has now hit 1M streams. As he continues to grow his brand, Jacari is looking to collaborate with more artists and do tours to meet and connect with fans. He’s working towards having his music on billboards in the coming years.

Stream 'It's a Lonely Road' below: