Dark pop princess, ari hicks, enters her villain era with her six-track album 'It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1'

Dropping the nice-girl act, pop singer-songwriter ari hicks enters her new era with her latest project ‘It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1’. Challenging male-centric narratives around love, ari’s latest output pulses with a dark feminist energy, all whilst showcasing her sassy cut-throat lyricism and signature pop-powerhouse vocals.


Following on from ari’s EP ‘Kiss Me, Kill Me’ in 2020, ‘It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1’ includes three new tracks, including “Two Sides”, “Pull Your Tooth” and “Jaded”. Each track weaves together to form a story that promotes self-empowerment and bravado.


Speaking on the release, ari shares: “‘Chapter 1’ really embodies a lighter energy, its a little petty, a little savage but its FUN. It’s tapping into your feminine energy and taking these cookie cutter stories and giving them a bit of a plot twist, because why shouldn’t girls have their fun? Sonically and visually I aligned and designed each of these tracks with main character energy (hence why they all have an actual character). These tracks are for the brats, the girls that feel silenced, the ones that are entering their villain era selflessly or selfishly – I want this Chapter to be the voice for that.”


With streams in the millions, over 200k TikTok followers and features on playlists such as New Music Friday, Pop Rising and SALT this dark pop siren is definitely one to watch.

Listen to 'It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1'

Watch "Romeo Dies" below: