West London musician and producer Yaz León shares her debut EP ‘IT’S ONLY TAKEOUT MA', co-produced with Ess Wes.

Yaz León is a neo-soul artist and producer channeling her Spanish-Iraqi heritage through a selection of elegant spoken-word tracks. Today sees the artist release her debut EP ‘IT’S ONLY TAKEOUT MA’, and it’s an emotive concoction of six transparent cuts written entirely by Yaz herself. 


Summer hits “August” and “Silent Mode” received sizable praise, and in their own right shared a glimpse into what to expect on this new EP. Now out, ‘IT’S ONLY TAKEOUT MA’ sees the artist’s first full-length project and features live instrumentation from the likes of up-and-coming talent Luke Bachuss, Seun Folayan, Jack Oliver, and Starkey the Messenger.


Speaking about the inspiration behind her debut EP, Yaz says: “This project took over a year in the making. It really took everything and a complete character development to finish. I had hoped that where my voice could not carry, the songs would speak louder and reach further. Some family and friends blessed the tracks with love. The EP tells many stories and uses many voices so that it might resonate with more people. It’s less about relatability and more about the personal and the taboo. I hope people enjoy and start conversations.”

Stream ‘IT’S ONLY TAKEOUT MA’ in full below: