Jungle's J Lloyd steps out on his own and takes us on a voyage to the Milky Way with the space-like mixtape 'Kosmos'.

When lockdown first began, many of us set goals to learn a new skill, read more books, improve our cooking, or get fitter. J Lloyd made a 25-track mixtape.


Created in 72 hours, ‘Kosmos’ is a 25-track exploration of possibility. Produced and recorded in early April 2020, the project acts like a river, flowing between sounds and trickling into different streams. Written and recorded in order, the project has an innately natural quality, with one track blending seamlessly into the next.


‘Kosmos’ is the musical debut from J Lloyd as a solo artist. Before this new voyage, he was part of the modern soul group, Jungle, who became known for their smash hit “Busy Earnin'”. Responsible for the production and writing of Jungle’s two albums, a lot of the group’s trademark sounds are still present in J Lloyd’s new work. Since their last release in 2018, J Lloyd has worked on tracks with Nao and Aluna, as well as being called upon to remix Lianne La Havas’ “Unstoppable”.


We spoke to the musical maverick about launching his solo career, the mixtape’s creation process, spontaneity, and more. In 3… 2… 1…

What spurred your decision to work on your own solo material outside of Jungle?

Personally I’m always making music so I suppose it’s just a part of me and I think it’s good to be able to share that with people. Some tunes will be Jungle tunes and others will be different projects. A lot of songs get written and then never see the light of day and I wanted to be able to share more of those songs with people.

Your new mixtape ‘Kosmos’ was produced and recorded over a 72h period. That’s quite a feat! What made you decide to create in that way?

It was about setting boundaries and working within them. Unlimited possibilities and endless time tend to kill creativity. There was a specific amount of time in my head, which I think back then was a week. I had also set the limit of 16 channels, much like the limitations of older recordings, this helps keep you focused.

Do you find yourself to be more creative in intense bursts?

I feel like you have to be inspired to be creative, whether that’s experience, music, people or life, there has to be an input source. Much of it can be subconscious, and it ends up just being a feeling or a desire to make something. Intense bursts can be good because you’ve set a goal, again a limitation, which you work in and around.
j lloyd
j lloyd

Which parts of the creation process do you find the hardest – and the easiest?

The hardest part is thinking about it. The easiest is often just doing it. It’s making the transition from thinking to doing that can be the real test.

How do you feel about the mixtape now that it’s finished?

I feel good, it feels great to let go of something spontaneous. I’m looking on to the next.

What are you hoping to achieve with your new work?

Mostly to find new ways of creating and to discover different processes. I hope to inspire myself and other people.

What do you want people to take away from this mixtape?

For me, it was a journey to make and was made in consecutive order with the mood of one track influencing the direction of the next. I hope people will listen in order and take in the journey.
j lloyd

How did you become a musician in the first place? What led you to pursue that career?

I think most kids pick up instruments at some point, I just didn’t put them down. I wanted to be able to put tracks together, so I learnt the basics of most band instruments. As I grew older I started to get into the recording side of things as I always believed that if you wanna make something, you have to get on with it and do it yourself.

Which artists or records were instrumental in shaping your sound, both at the start of your career and now?

Music is so vast, and it is honestly so hard to pinpoint specifics. Everything from J Dilla to The Beach Boys, Rage Against The Machine to Chet Baker.

Which song would you put on to impress people at a party?

“I Love You” by East Of Underground.

Listen to J Lloyd's 'Kosmos' project below: