Jägermeister has announced the launch of a streetwear collection, dubbed 'Best Nights'.

Available to purchase from the 31st January 2021, ‘Best Nights’ is supported by New York-based stylist Bloody Osiris as well as other big names and creatives from the international streetwear scene. One such name is “probably the oldest streetwear talent on earth” Alojz Abram, aka Gramps, from Germany.


The collection features a range of high quality produced items with 100% organic cotton and including t-shirts, one hoodie, a turtleneck sweater, sweatpants, socks, beanies and a scarf.

Every piece contains the location coordinates of Jägermeister headquarters in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, which thread throughout the collection as a unique and unmistakable symbol and a subtle nod to the brand. 


Each item of the collection emphasizes the meaning of the best nights with friends – something we’re all missing right now. Jägermeister is committed to sending a message of optimism, with the hope we will soon be able to enjoy our best nights out together again.


Jägermeister has pledged to donate one euro per order to the international cultural platform United We Stream committed to supporting club culture during the pandemic.

On the collection, Bloody Osiris said: “I’m honoured to be a part of the international BEST NIGHTS campaign because as someone who thinks outside the box, I really appreciate Jägermeister’s bold steps outside their comfort zone to create something new. Within the campaign, I had the creative control to stay true to my authentic self and the Jägermeister streetwear collection is driven by the same convictions”.


Purchase the limited-edition collection at www.bestnights.com 

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