Chatting with the talent on set, we learn the ins and outs of Jägermeister's Music Collective of 2023, from their pre-show rituals to how they stay hydrated behind the decks.

“The reach that these brands have is really valuable, especially when they have stages at festivals and can spotlight unknown DJs. Jägermeister is a great example because once they start working with someone, they will continue to support and build up their careers”.


This summer Jägermeister joined Notion in uplifting the incredible new talent emerging within the UK music scene. In order to fulfil this mission, the cult brand looped into the festival circuit, hosting their own stages to showcase a thoughtfully curated and eclectic lineup, with sounds ranging from old-school jungle to grime and classic house. 


Order a physical copy of Notion 94 featuring Jägermeister’s Music Collective of 2023 here. Shipping commences w/c 27th November.

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