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Jägermeister launches global creative movement – The After Dark Society, for artistic talents from all nuances.

Thriving creative new movement – The After Dark Society is bringing the world a fresh new taste of creation, taking innovative inspiration from the artistic freedom post-wall divided Berlin, where creative, peace-loving communities were booming and prosperous.


Developed by Jägermeister, the brand who practically sponsors your nights out partying, brings the UK its infamous After Dark Society, teaming up with BBC Radio DJ and presenter Sian Anderson, who has taken the prestigious role as the movement’s UK ambassador. Originally established at Berlin’s Night Embassy in September last year, the society runs an extensive array of free events by local eclectic artists.


With Jägermeister teams plastered all over the world, representatives from various countries fled to Berlin’s Night Embassy to host a series of takeovers, armed with influences from their native creative spheres. In December last year, After Dark Society London ambassador, Sian Anderson and a stream of other London based artists gathered at BerLondon in Berlin, to deliver the UK’s fresh unique creative sound that is infiltrating world music right now, to inspire Berliners.


Be sure to keep your ears out for the next series of Night Embassy events featuring Jägermeister’s After Dark Society, for a great night out to remember.

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