On latest track ‘Empty Room’, Jamie Miller ruminates on the importance of gaining closure after losing a loved one.

When a young musician goes on a talent show before breaking through as a pop star, they risk losing themselves in the whirlwind of fandom and success. But for Jamie Miller, a Welsh pop singer who went from finalist on The Voice to achieving a #2 hit on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and acclaim from the likes of Sam Smith and BLACKPINK, this was not the case. His latest project The Things I Left Unsaid, now available to stream on Spotify, proves that the 26-year-old artist’s candour and self-awareness were only deepened by stardom. There’s no holding back as he poetically shares his experiences through this six-track EP.


Born in Wales and now based in Los Angeles, Jamie has always found music to bring solace, no matter what life faces him with. Producing this project after a tough year, which made him consider giving up music, wasn’t an entirely comfortable experience. The EP’s journey through heartache and hardship is captured most profoundly on ‘Empty Rooms’. The track is about the passing of Jamie’s grandmother, whom he was dearly close to but didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to when she sadly passed away.


Jamie has the kind of voice that you can’t help but be moved by. It’s gentle, a little husky and impressive in its range. The Welsh singer is without doubt a pop artist but, when making his return to music this Autumn, we learnt that he is broadening such a definition through new sonic avenues.

Hi Jamie! Congrats on your latest single, ‘Empty Room’. You’ve explained how the track was inspired by not getting to say a proper goodbye to your Grandmother. Why did you decide to put this out into the world?

I put it up on TikTok just because, but then the immediate reaction was insane. I then realised how many of us didn’t get closure from our loved ones; I told my team we had to put it out as soon as possible.

How does it feel to have other people going through grief resonate with the track?

I can’t say it feels great. It makes me sad so many people are sad but I’m glad the song could provide some escape or closure.

In terms of it’s themes lyrically, how does it fit into your upcoming EP, ‘The Things I Left Unsaid?’

I never got the chance to say a lot of things to my Grandma so it stands alone in that sense. The other songs are about relationships but this one was for me especially going into this next chapter of my career.

How long have you been working on this project?

Honestly, I started this project in February and narrowed it down in July. I wanted to take my time with it and not put pressure on myself to write hits.  They’re a selection of recordings that I truly believe in.

What song means the most to you on it? Why?

I would say either ‘Maybe Next Time’ or ‘Empty Room’. ‘Maybe Next Time’ because I wrote it when I was depressed and now I listen back in a different place in life very grateful I’m not their anymore. And ‘Empty Room’ because I hope I made my nana proud.

Can you talk us through your journey finding your sound and refining it for this project?

I took some time off last year from releasing music, I think to re-find Jamie. I lost sense of who I was for a bit and that alone was scary so I think trying new producers for this project was key. They helped me have fun in the process; if I wanted to do a pop record they’d be like, ‘Let’s go!’ And if I wanted to do a slow ballad they were like, ‘Let’s go!’ Nothing was off-limits and I would say I have Colin and Alex to thank for allowing me to sit in on production edits, that’s where I learnt a lot!

What other artists inspire you musically?

Right now Kelsea Ballerini is up there. I think she’s incredible!

Growing up in Wales, what role did music play in your life?

It took a back seat. I was always embarrassed growing up singing because it wasn’t celebrated; it was dismissed and made fun of. But in private it was number one; the amount of auditions my mum took me to was insane. I always got told, “No and come back next year,’ but it didn’t upset me it just motivated me.

Now living in LA, how have you found that transition and how do you keep yourself grounded?

The transition took a really long time. LA is no joke! The standards and expectations here are wild but I definitely have a good group of friends who always hype me up and make me feel worthy to be here and, of course, grounded.

Have you had any particularly good words of advice navigating your success so far?

Jennifer Hudson: “If you don’t believe in yourself no one will believe in you.”

You’ve had over a billion streams already and praise from the likes of Sam Smith, BLACKPINK, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and Jennifer Hudson. What’s been your biggest pinch-me moment?

I would say Kelly Clarkson, she’s been my idol since day one and I love her to pieces. When she posted me, I definitely screamed out loud. Then I would say BLACKPINK; Jisoo has been so lovely reposting my music and just giving me support so it’s been nice having fellow people in the industry want me to win.

What else is on your bucket list?

A headline world tour, selling out Madison Square Garden and my home town arena. I won’t stop until I get there!

Where do you want to be in a year’s time?

In the same mindset that I’m in right now; happy, but wanting to travel all around the world and meeting everyone who’s changed my life.

Listen to 'Empty Room' now: