Johnny Stranger return with alt-rock single "January Knives", inspiring perseverance in the face of defeat.

A progressive rock band now based out of Boston, Johnny Stranger combine a hard rock sound with jazz influences and cinematic elements. New track “January Knives” is a head-banging cacophony, one of the lead singles from an LP due in November.


Having been touring the Pacific Northwest for many years, Johnny Stranger were a band who had built a loyal following of their heavy rhythmic rock. They released their first two records in 2006 and 2007, but it was their fifth studio album ‘Valkyrie’ that came in 2019 after a ten year hiatus. Striking a chord with fans, the album racked up over a million streams across all platforms and resulted in a sold out LP release show at the Resident in LA. 


After band members being struck by Covid, the 6th of Johnny Stranger’s albums was put into motion. “January Knives” serves as a mission statement for the entire album, inspired by lead singer and songwriter Peter Anthony’s personal experiences. He built up the band in Washington State, before they relocating to Boston. After only a month, other members of the band had left to pursue other avenues, and Anthony recalls: “I was suddenly alone in a completely new place, with no friends and no path forward.” New track “January Knives” is about “that first month alone and my resolve to persevere.”


Stream "January Knives" below: