Delve into the fraught journey and doubting voices that made Jared Henry the profound musician he is today.

A symphony of heart-rending emotionality and soothing pop melodies — that’s Jared Henry. As an independent artist originating from beautiful West Virginia, his music is a kaleidoscope of profound experiences and inner feelings. His songs, rich in comfort and solace, reach out to those grappling with life’s trials and tribulations. Stream his music on Spotify to experience the depth of his craft.


Born into a conservative family, Jared found himself standing at the precipice of uncertainty when he made the bold decision to step out into the broader, chaotic world. The journey was fraught with hurdles and doubting voices, yet these same challenges sculpted him as an artist. His music transformed into a bridge connecting his past and present, a platform to express his experiences, fears, and triumphs.


Drawing inspiration from industry titans like Chainsmokers, Lauv, Zedd, and Ed Sheeran, Henry has crafted a unique musical signature. His soulful tunes and poignant lyrics resonate with listeners across the globe, providing an authentic representation of his journey. Each song is a testament to his resilience, echoing with a universal narrative of adversity and triumph. His connection with fans is stronger than ever, which you can witness on his Instagram account.


His music doesn’t just sound good; it feels good. It’s a therapeutic experience that takes you on an emotional roller coaster, soothing the soul and speaking directly to the heart. Jared Henry is more than just a musician; he’s a storyteller using the universal language of music to narrate his life’s journey and the experiences of those he touches.

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