Meet Jaxen Spurs, the ambitious Latin American singer, songwriter, and record producer positively impacting his community while inspiring musicians of all backgrounds to pursue their dreams.

In a world where many companies involved in the music industry prioritize profits over artistic integrity, Jaxen Spurs has taken a refreshingly innovative approach with his record label, Saved By .Wavs. By emphasizing education and social change as the foundation of his label, the ambitious Latin American singer, songwriter, and record producer has positively impacted his community while inspiring musicians of all backgrounds to pursue their dreams.


Saved By .Wavs’ focus on education stems from Spurs‘ personal struggles in school, where he was incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD. He aims to provide opportunities for young people who may not fit the traditional mold to learn in a way that works for them. Believing that education is a powerful tool for change, Spurs wants to contribute to it on a national level:


“Most of my stories would include the trials and tribulations of a homeless teenager. Coming from the background of a homeless minority, the most I could ever hope for is to inspire others to believe in themselves and pursue the life that makes them happy.”


Positively impacting society via education is only one compelling aspect of Saved By .Wavs’ unique business model. Spurs is intent on making and saving as much money for artists as possible. He and his team have looped the ownership of short-term rental properties in with touring destinations, converting hotel costs into passive income. As a result, they can reach eight major cities without incurring housing costs, and each location has a trained band and a PA system.


The label also works with artists as independent contractors and non-profit representatives, allowing them to refocus on their message and the impact they want to make. This new business approach has the potential to disrupt traditional music industry norms and create a new era of music that prioritizes artists’ impact on society.


Spurs’ backstory is part of what fuels him and makes him stand out in a crowded field. His long and winding journey has been a challenging one. First, he struggled with substance abuse from a young age and was in a halfway house by age 15. Then, after graduating from high school, he became homeless.


However, the ambitious young man got sober at the age of 26. Despite his struggles, Spurs’ focus has always been on self-improvement, inspired by his mother’s advice: “If you want to improve the team, work on your own game first.”


Now his vision for Saved By .Wavs includes more extensive tours and the ability to foster education on a wider scale. The label has scheduled the first-ever Economy Concert at Studio@Mainstreet in Parker, Colorado, as part of its efforts to create real change for society and artists alike.


Jaxen Spurs and the team he’s assembled at Saved By .Wavs have created a non-traditional record label that puts education and social change at the forefront of its mission. Spurs’ journey has motivated him to use his platform to help others, and he’s convinced that education can change people’s lives. With ambition and dedication to spare, it’s clear that Saved By .Wavs is just the beginning of Spurs’ mission to create positive change in the music industry and society as a whole.

Listen to Jaxen Spurs below: