Southport's vibrant pop artist, Rachel Newnham, has dropped her must-listen second single 'Jealous'.

Back with her second single, ‘Jealous’ is singer Rachel Newnham, ready to follow the success of her debut ‘Nobody Loves You Like I Do’, which raked in over 55,000 streams. Initially, the artist garnered attention with a show-stopping appearance on BBC 1’s I Can See Your Voice, and now Rachel is set to captivate audiences with her infectious pop sound and poignant lyrics.


‘Jealous’ is not your run-of-the-mill pop anthem; it’s a spirited exploration of the complexities of social media. Delving into the facade that masks the reality of comparison in the digital age, Rachel’s lyricism weaves a relatable narrative. The upbeat track, produced and co-written by Matt Wills, promises to be a dazzling dosage of alt-pop. Drawing inspiration from artists like Maisie Peters to JP Saxe to Taylor Swift, Rachel’s sound has since blended indie pop with a heartfelt touch..


Rachel, with her distinctive voice and captivating stage presence, is establishing herself as a prevailing player in the pop scene. Her debut was a testament to her ability to craft moving, relatable tracks – showcasing fully-formed and whole-spirited sonic identity. From growing up in a musical family to finding her unique voice, Rachel’s story is as significantly compelling as her music.


As ‘Jealous’ prepares to hit the airwaves, Rachel Newnham continues to carve her space in the music landscape. She offers a fresh perspective, coupled with a unique voice, that resonates with listeners across the spectrum. This budding sensation is undoubtedly one to watch. Assuredly, ‘Jealous’ is poised to be the anthem that defines Rachel Newnham’s ascent to stardom.

Listen to Rachel Newnham's 'Jealous' now: