Pop Baby's electrifying debut single, "Jimmy D", sets the stage for a promising career, utilising an upbeat tempo that can't be ignored.

Pop Baby has just released his debut single, “Jimmy D”, marking a significant milestone in his music career. The song, named after the nightclub ‘Jimmy D’s on Carson’ in his hometown of Pittsburgh, holds a special place in Pop Baby’s heart. Co-written with his producer, the track was born out of a memorable night, when Pop Baby experienced the club’s lively atmosphere for the first time.


Pop Baby’s musical journey began at the age of six when he started taking piano lessons, before expanding his skills through voice lessons and dance classes during his middle and high school years. Pop Baby’s talent and dedication was evident, actively participating in talent shows, school plays, and community theatre, while captivating audiences at karaoke and open-mic nights. 


After high school, Pop Baby pursued a musical theatre program at Point Park University, but his burning desire for a full-time musical career led him to withdraw. He took a leap of faith, immersing himself in Pittsburgh’s music venue scene, where he hustled and earned an internship at Nightfall Records. It was during this period that his music caught the attention of executive Paul Marshall, who discovered Pop Baby’s talent on SoundCloud and signed him to DO IT Records.

With a sound characterized by electronic beats and an upbeat tempo, “Jimmy D” is a track that will make listeners hit the dance floor. The accompanying music video, filmed entirely on Pop Baby’s iPhone, provides a visual representation of his life during the COVID-19 quarantine, demonstrating his determination to find joy and make the most out of challenging circumstances. 


In the track’s lyrics, Pop Baby sends a powerful message, encouraging listeners to live life on their own terms. The song revolves around embracing personal freedom and happiness without relying on social media popularity or conforming to mainstream norms. It serves as a reminder that one can break free from societal expectations, don their best outfit, and embark on their own adventures. 


Pop Baby’s debut single, “Jimmy D,” showcases his unwavering passion for music. With an electrifying sound and a message that resonates, he is poised to become a household name. You can find Pop Baby’s music on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, or explore more about him on his website.

Stream "Jimmy D" below: