Pop rebel Johnny Stimson unveils his chrysalis ‘Butterflies’ EP.

Johnny Stimson is undergoing a transformation. Already tallying 200 million global streams, heavily playlisted and supported by the likes of BTS, the pop-R&B wizard is well on his way to world domination.


With 3 Top 100 songs on the Melon pop chart, his single “Holding On” smashing a Shazam record for an unsigned artist and his song “Honeymoon” viral in Indonesia, Stimson is certainly sticking around. Gaining the recognition of the one and only Elton John, he was signed to Rocket Records and recently returned from tours with SoMo and Tori Kelly.


Stimson’s ‘Butterflies’ EP marks a new musical direction for the artist. It sees the pop prodigy tackle themes of loneliness and human connection.


Stimson explains: “’Butterflies’ is about new beginnings. It’s a reminder that life and relationships and pandemics can be tough to navigate, but it’s worth celebrating that growth phase and looking forward to what’s on the other side. I think the whole world is experiencing some growing pains right now, and I hope these songs can bring joy to people even during the struggle.”

Listen to 'Butterflies' below: