Soul sensation Zubi rediscovers himself on his new EP, ‘Journey to Idan.’

For Zubi, Journey to Idan is more than just another EP; the highly praised artists views it as an “expose into my life”, where he gifts listeners a musical compass for their own personal journeys to self-discovery. Zubi has for a long time weaved personal elements within his music, it’s how he sets his musical narrative apart from the crowd. In his latest offering, he unravels a soulful expedition, where his vocal prowess takes centre stage.


Zubi is an artist who excludes a unique fusion of soulful depth with raw authenticity. Whilst breaking free from the tight constrains of genres, he has garnered over 250 million streams worldwide for his timeless artistry as he continues progressing his name.


Journey to Idan is a soulful voyage from start to finish. From the galvanizing anthem of ‘Hero’ to the EP’s lead single ‘Lifestyle’, a track reflecting Zubi’s philosophy on existence brimming with profound lyricism, lush guitars, atmospheric synths and rhythmic drums. Deeper emotional landscapes are manifested as the EP progresses; ‘Silver’ acts as the paradigmatic conclusion to the musical odyssey, encapsulating the introspective segment of the journey.


Speaking about the inspiration behind his Journey To Idan EP, Zubi says: “The EP was inspired by the path I’ve been on lately, towards love, living, and self-discovery. This project is an expose into my life, and how much I really want to rediscover myself, my relationships, and the impact my actions have on everyone around me. I started off by making the songs without beats, just writing, and drumming up the ideas until I could find a perfect fit, and boom, I came across Iordan Adrian. I also worked with Abuja-based producer Tempo, and songwriter HearJuno on one of the EP tracks ‘Whiskey’.”

Listen to 'Journey to Idan' now: