Let’s go “Joyriding” with Lauren Eylise as she releases her latest track and accompanying music video.

Any artist that can be so unapologetically vulnerable and transparent in their music is one to watch and Lauren Eylise is no different.


The singer-songwriter’s craft was prompted as an innate form of expression, a coping mechanism that was birthed against the racially hostile culture of her university campus. Her raw lyricism is then paired beautifully with her commanding vocals which exude an ‘indie-folk style with R&B overtones’. And who can deny their love for a soulful female vocalist?


Hoping for more undeniable connections, Lauren Eylise has just released her irresistibly romantic track “Joyriding”. The five-minute-long track gracefully narrates the ‘honeymoon’ period of which every intimate relationship feels. While the accompanying music video allows you to endure the warm initial feeling of falling in love just by watching Eylise’s facial expressions and listening to the softness in her voice.
Feel the love below.

Watch the music video for "Joyriding" below: