Jude Woodhead captures the fleeting joys of a night out in the video for For The Birds ft Rachida.

No two tellings of a night out are ever the same. Depending on who you ask and when, vital details will be exaggerated or forgotten entirely; fights turned to epic street brawls and poorly timed puking erased from collective memories. That selective memory is at the core of going out as an institution and it’s also the inspiration for Jude Woodhead’s new video for ‘For The Birds ft. Rachida’. Premiering on Notion, the video is stitched together from fractured clips of nights out in London. Scenes captured on a shaky handheld camera are edited in constant motion, highlighting friendships and the small details that came make a night special, resulting in a warm collage of corner shops, plastic pint glasses and night buses.


The nostalgic feeling of the video is echoed by the warmth of Woodhead’s production, Rachida’s vocal giving way to fuzzy synths that recall the glory days of acid house and the spiralling electronic of producers like Four Tet. Speaking about the video Jude Woodhead said “It’s the way we remember nights out when we wake up the next day, or the way we recall the day when we go to bed. It was also loads of fun to make with Shirley and Trav…  we wanted it to feel homemade and for all the shots to as candid as possible, to try and capture our friends’ personalities and try and give more meaning to these ‘homemade’ moments”. Watch the video for ‘For The Birds’ below.