Spiritual teacher and spoken word artist Diana Zaheer is here to put you at ease with her latest track, 'Judgement City, Healing Your Inner Critic.'

Renowned spiritual teacher and inner-work expert Diana Zaheer is taking on the world of musical spoken word with two hands. Hailing from the mountaintops of Colorado through the winter months and her quiet sanctuary of an apartment in the bustling city of New Delhi, India for the remainder of the year, she draws upon her surroundings as a prominent source of inspiration throughout her work.


Now, Diana Zaheer has partnered with esteemed graphic designer Marina Loeb – known for her commercial work for the likes of Hèrmes – as well as Grammy-nominated artist, Lincoln Parish – based out of Nashville and best known for his 15-year-long career with Cage the Elephant. Currently, the three creatives have worked together to produce Diana’s first animated music video, acting as a meditation for those needing a little downtime.


Ancient wisdom and modern insights are what Diana Zaheer incorporated into her work, providing a sagacious undertone whilst remaining contemporary. The fluid illustrations relax the mind, using blue, yellow and pure white hues to instil this calming sensation, paramount to Diana’s work. The lyrics call upon ‘Judgement City’ to act as one, combatting social concepts of learning to criticise, compare, and judge. To grow as one and improve what we know, then learn the acceptance, peace and love that Diana Zaheer describes to us at the start of the track. She tells of ancient beings descending to earth full of good. Describing how now, we have lost these pure emotions and are in desperate need of reconciliation with who we are to ourselves and to each other.


So, if you’re feeling like you need to escape the notion of what society puts upon you, take some time, put on your headphones and connect with Diana Zaheer as she puts your mind at ease.

Listen to 'Judgement City, Healing Your Inner Critic' now: