20-year-old newcomer, Bad Heather, bursts onto the scene with his debut single "Juliet", an electro-pop bop with an 80s tinge.

For fans of The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer, Bad Heather is a brand new artist whose debut single “Juliet” will have you dancing around your room (because where else can we dance right now?)


The artistic project of 20-year-old Utah native Porter Chapman, the moniker Bad Heather is inspired by the late 80s dark-comedy cult classic Heathers.


Noting his main influences as Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, The 1975, Charli XCX, and Daft Punk, Porter grew up in a musical family; his mother a classically-trained vocalist, and his father, Caleb Chapman, is the Grammy-nominated music educator, producer, and saxophonist. Naturally, Porter gravitated towards music himself, playing the drums from a young age, touring as the drummer for The Moth & the Flame’s 2019 national tour at just 19 years old.


Developing a passion for songwriting and producing, Porter soon took to releasing his own demos. Now, signed to Wonderwild Records, the promising musician is gearing up to release his debut EP, a largely autobiographical project divulging his caffeinated-soda addiction, enthusiasm for anime and video games, intense, drama-filled relationships, and his journey as a young adult.


Speaking on his debut single, Porter explains: “This song is about being infatuated with someone that’s obviously not right for you. It’s about a short-lived romance that ran its course, but there were some awesome highs and frustrating lows along the way. I was simultaneously into it while frantically searching for the exit button. On the production side, I wanted the track to be over-the-top with tons of crunchy drums and extremely distorted guitar. ‘Juliet’ was initially written as an indie rock track, but it evolved into a fun alt-electro pop track”.

Watch the music video for "Juliet" below: