The British Nigerian rapper comes firing back onto the scene with infectious new track, ”Jungle Fever”.

For his most electric release yet, $tevoxcv, aka Steve Okolo, has teamed up with David Meli on a resilient and triumphant track. Produced by BMN, it’s a hip-hop and pop fusion with Afrobeat sensibilities. Featuring devilish wordplay, infectious beats, and catchy bars, Okolo’s latest offering navigates finding triumph after a past hardship, while remaining unapologetically self-assured.


Having burst onto the scene back in 2020, “Jungle Fever” marks three years of graft for the musician. It’s the first single from his upcoming project, “Nights in Gidi”, which is expected to drop later this year and showcases his musical evolution.


Ahead of the extended project’s release, $tevoxcv spoke on some of the all-important collaboration that went into “Jungle Fever”. He explains, “BMN and I have been working together for the last four or five years. He constantly sends me beats, and I constantly hoard gems, though I am working on that part of me. “Jungle Fever” was a result of one of our many sessions, and I had actually finished the track, but I felt something was still missing.” He continues, I reached out to David Meli expecting back a singing verse, but he sent me back straight bars, and I was shocked because everyone knows Meli is a sick vocalist, but he might as well add ‘rapper’ to his bio at this point.”