With their new single and subsequent album, Nulbarich are shaking up Japan's Neo City Pop scene and taking it global.

Hailing from Japan, Nulbarich are a pop-rock band amplifying Neo City Pop beyond Japanese borders. The band’s new single ‘Just A Game’ promises the success of this mission. Featuring “Dutch Pop Maestro” Benny Sings, it’s a standout song on Nulbarich’s latest album The Roller Skating Tour, which was unveiled in December. 


Jeremy Quartus AKA JQ – frontman and only permanent member of Nulbarich – was behind the track’s innovative production. Combining soulful elements with addictive but relaxed rock drumbeats, JQ and his groups starring musicians mix up ‘City Pop’ (a musical category which emerged in the mid-70s in Japan) whilst maintaining the genre’s defining characteristics of catchy refrains and a pop mash-up sound. This shines through ‘Just A Game’ where laid-back piano melodies are uplifted by twinkling percussive riffs, sporadic steel chimes and groovy electric guitar chords. 


A freewheeling attitude and relatable lyrics have earned Nulbarich – a portmanteau of ‘Null but Rich’ – huge success in Japan and East Asia. Since getting their break in 2017 they’ve sold out shows in 15,000-capacity venues, had music score Mercedes-Benz TV commercials, headlined international festival stages and composed music for anime series. Storytelling is key to the optimistic energy of ‘Just A Game’. Written in English, the lyrics metaphorically explore life’s obstacles and, like a wise folk tale, offer listeners a sense of encouragement and motivation.


Now based in LA, JQ’s band are pushing musical boundaries with production experimentation and unexpected collaborations. Having Benny Sings deliver their latest single’s vocals was an ingenious creative decision; the singer-cum-producer is recognised not only for his distinctive and captivating voice, but for prolific collaborations with Marc Rebillet and GoldLink, to name just a few. ‘Just A Game’ is a harmonious pairing of diverging musical talents and styles, setting Nulbarich on a path to global notoriety. 

Watch the music video to 'Just a Game' by Nulbarich ft Benny Sings now: