LA's Yoshi Flower shares wild, video game worthy new single Just Cuz We're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Onto Us.

Electronic music has been flirting with video game soundtracks for a couple of decades now. From brief flirtations with 8-bit remixes (terrible) to Daft Punk’s whole TRON phase (less terrible, but still not great), the results have not been spectacular. However, on his new single, LA’s Yoshi Flower may have just got the balance right. A propulsive, Need For Speed worthy track, ‘Just Cuz We’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Onto Us’ mixes arcade bleeps with driving guitars and almost emo-vocals, flirting with elements of hip hop in the process. Imagine Lil Uzi Vert as a character in Halo covering Linkin Park and you’ll be somewhere close, kind of.


Speaking about the track Yoshi Flower said “I wrote this tune in a visceral wash of simultaneous worry and gratitude. I was reflecting on a period of psychosis, feeling those same longing stomach pains, the memories made me nauseous. But at the same time, I was just so happy to have kept the person I love through the whole thing. Love is the only authentic thing left I think, so it only makes sense that it can cause so much pain, pleasure, paranoia and trust.” Listen to ‘Just Cuz We’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Onto Us’ below.