Ukrainian pop star Max Barskih plans for international lift-off with his new single "Just Fly".

Max Barskih’s brand-new single “Just Fly” has dropped – a taste of his upcoming album – and it’s accompanied by a Woody Allen-style music video.


Taking over Boryspil International Airport, Max’s new video shut the place down for a week, causing an unprecedented case in the history of the airport. The video utilises a huge production of twenty special vehicles, four modern passenger planes, and one hundred actors. It’s already racked up more than 3.3 million views – and counting!

“In my opinion, there are a lot of negative emotions in music trends nowadays. I decided to create my own world where every story has a happy ending. These days I am fascinated by the music of the ’50s and ‘60s – ‘’Just Fly’’, it’s my positive mantra. Every sound in it was created to stimulate endorphins and set the mood for a flight of fantasy”, explains Max. 


Renowned across Russia and Ukraine for writing, producing, and performing all his own music, Ukrainian pop sensation, Max Barskih, has won a number of awards for his songs, including a number of MTV EMAs, Golden Gramophones and Top Hit Music Awards. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s the most touring and the most-played artist on radio stations across the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the cis countries in 2020.

Watch the music video below: