Rising rapper Kafi Kayzo discusses his spin on Brooklyn drill, recording his new single “ON EVERYTHING”, and 2023 manifestations.

Coming off the back of his new music video for his eerie release “ON EVERYTHING”, emerging rapper Kafi Kayzo is starting the year on a high and is manifesting good health and good wealth for all of us. Slowly, but surely building his discography, Kafi is stepping into Brooklyn, New York’s newly discovered drill scene with a fresh pair of eyes, steady flow and an ear for meddling production. Combining his love for UK drill with Brooklyn’s latest upsurge of the genre, the rapper rebrands the rap scene as we know it and continues to spit lyrics from the heart.


Currently working towards his forthcoming gig in Brooklyn this February, the artist has so far dropped hard cuts “ON EVERYTHING” and “TOUCHDOWN”. The beginnings of an exciting new journey, this year Kafi is eager to share a string of new material that he’s been working on and plans to drop a brand-new track every month. Impressing many with his 2022 release “8’2”, the rapper quickly proved his versatility within his lyrical flow. Whilst only three years into his musical project, Kafi is rapidly striking up a conversation as an imperative artist to watch in the drill scene.


Recording his single “ON EVERYTHING” in a studio in London, throughout this track the artist connects with his deepest thoughts as he raps about his roots and culture growing up in Brooklyn. Complimented by alluring drill beats and simplistic key work, the rapper brings the lyrics and production to life with engrossing visuals. Standing on its own two feet, “ON EVERYTHING” is the perfect representation of Kafi’s influence on both US and UK rap and is a hard-hitting debut single and music video of the year.


We spoke to Kafi about the meaning behind “ON EVERYTHING”, musical influences, and manifesting a tour for the future.

Hi Kafi Kayzo, how are you? How’s life been in 2023?

Life has been good for me in 2023 so far, things are finally starting to blossom and I am watching everything come together just how I pictured it. It has been a roller coaster from the jump, but what is life for real if you have it easy? I am enjoying my journey – I love the rush. Every day is a new 24hrs to make a difference in my life and level up. I’m in my own lane, staying focused as I should.

Let’s roll back the years. Being from and growing up in Brooklyn, what is your first musical memory?

My first musical memory growing up in New York was when I used to go over to my cousin’s house after school. I would watch him get in the zone and make beats. We both knew an artist from the neighbourhood. He was really inspired by him to get involved in the music business. We were in a tight room with a laptop, and I just loved being around him trying my best to be a student of the game. I really didn’t know anything about music back then. I was too focused on art. Drawing was definitely my thing when I was young. But I will say this, I was into poetry. So, maybe that sparked this rapping thing without me even knowing it.

When did you start rapping? Was there a battle culture at school and in your local area? Or were you more private when writing and rehearsing lyrics?

I started rapping at the age of 18. I moved to Arizona from New York when I was 15 years old. I had a friend named Jeff aka JR. I would go to his spot where we would play beats and write all day until nighttime in his living room. It felt like we were on to something. He had been recording before me, I was just a student at the game once again. We would go to the studio any chance we got, it was definitely fun times and something I’ll never forget. We talk about those times to this day. He is still a good person in my life. Shout out to JR! Later down the line, I joined a rap group that JR introduced me to and the rest was history.

What were your biggest musical inspirations when you were growing up? Are the artists you listened to then the same as who you listen to now?

Some of my biggest musical inspirations are Tupac, Nas, Method Man, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Jadakiss. The funny thing is, growing up I had a much softer voice. I gravitated towards R&B music and fell in love with oldies at a young age. To this day I tell people if I could sing for real and didn’t smoke like I do, I would give these artists a run for their money. I used to sing in class while everybody just listened. Maybe I was distracting others, but nobody complained. To really answer your question, I still listen to all the artists I grew up on. I love the new generation as well. I can never hate on that because I’m a part of it. Drake is my favourite artist hands down, shout out Drake, let’s work together.

You’re well known for putting a unique spin on Brooklyn drill: a genre that’s blown up massively over the past few years. Why do you think the city took so well to a sound that came from over here in London? In what way does it resonate with you as an artist?

It’s a different time. It’s a new day. I honestly don’t think there is a real reason. I feel it’s a vibe that has taken over more territory than just London and New York. The drill sound is literally everywhere. Africa, France, Egypt etc. New York’s already had its own little spin on things. It’s the reason why I chose to approach it the way I do. I love being in my own world. I definitely have something special to add to the genre. When it catches on the world will understand much better what I was trying to do. No one sounds like me here in the states and I worked so hard to be able to say that. Because there is a new artist out every time you blink. But I do think we blend so well because of the chemistry being built behind the scenes between UK producers/artists and New York artists. We are basically one now.

Do you have any favourite artists from over here in the UK? If so, who?

I actually do. Some of my favourite artists from the UK are Unknown T, Digga D, Central Cee, Fredo, Skepta, Giggs, Dave, Russ, Headie One. I listen to a lot of underground artists as well. There are people I can’t even name because I just come across it and fall in love. I might have a playlist on YouTube and don’t even know who it is. I just love the sound and the culture. It’s actually very refreshing to me. It’s about time the UK really got its flowers from all over. Personally, I think Kano is one of the best lyricists ever too. I genuinely appreciate his flow, I can watch him rap all day – truly inspiring. Shout out Kano, peace and love family.

Is there anyone both in Brooklyn or the UK that you’d personally love to work with? What energy would they bring to your music?

I actually would love to work with Central Cee, Fredo or Ms Banks. She’s killing it for UK women in the drill scene, somebody let her know I love her, respectfully, she’s really dope.

The drill scene is very saturated, but you clearly have a fresh perspective. In your own words, what unique qualities do you bring to the genre and Brooklyn’s music community?

I believe I bring a unique spin to the drill scene even though it is over saturated. That doesn’t mean there is no room for somebody refreshing like me. I love that you used the word refreshing because that’s exactly what I am. A breath of fresh air on a vibe people already have grown to love. Combining two diverse cultures that tell stories, and the different upbringings and struggles just to get by. It leaves me with so much room to talk and express myself. It also gives me a wider range to use different lingo, which is always fun. Because on both ends, I’m teaching somebody something new. I’m not just hopping on a wave or being a culture vulture, I do have family all over East London, so, I have experienced the cultures on both sides my whole life. And now it’s coming together full circle, I can’t wait for the world to talk for me. Obviously in a loving and positive way because that’s all I’m about. I just want to win big.

You’ve just dropped some stunning visuals for your new single “ON EVERYTHING”. What was the inspiration behind them and how do they connect to what you’re talking about on the track?

“ON EVERYTHING” is my favourite video yet. Let’s really talk about it. I’m a dark person, I love black, it’s not on me it’s in me. But other than that, this video represents where we come from and where we are headed. Every video is supposed to show your growth and it keeps getting better and better with my day ones. I wanted to show my team, family, and friends because without them there is no me. I represent and put on, for all of us. The video is gritty just how I like it, if you ask anybody that knows me, they will tell you, that’s me for real. When you hear someone say: ‘That’s on everything’, it’s the same as saying: ‘I swear to God’. This single is the birth of a new beast and that’s on everything.

Are there any moods or emotions that influenced this song?

Of course, there are moods and emotions that influenced this song. Music is therapy, I rap from the stomach if you understand what I mean. I speak from the soul. When I get behind that mic, I’m a different animal. I recorded this song in London and what an experience, it’s something I’ll never forget. The studio was filled with pure energy while recording this, that’s why I feel it came out so good and so natural. I was definitely in a happy space seeing things come together. Those dark times got me farther than I imagined. Even though this song is personal to me, it represents all of us because we all have similar stories. Similar battles in life that we didn’t let defeat us. We are here to stay and that is the clear message. Shout out to my team for real, the whole Kamplife – you know who you are.

What is your recording process like? Do you have a concrete recipe for success in the studio or do you adapt to the vibes in there on the day?

My recording process can be a bit on the perfectionist side of things, but I am extremely easy to work with. Yes, I’m a perfectionist, anybody can tell you, I do not come to the studio to play. I don’t like to be disorganised or have a bunch of people doing nothing at my session. The more I focus, the better the quality. But if I go and I’m not ready, I just need to focus and get in my zone. It can take me anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes to write 16 bars and a hook. It depends on how much I’m feeling the beat. I like to mumble and catch a vibe, catch a rhythm that grabs me. Once I get that, I fill in the blanks with words. I do this a lot while at home in my own space. So usually, I’m prepared and ready to go.

With such an energetic and fiery sound, I can imagine that your music translates well into live performances. Do you have any shows happening in 2023?

I am excited for the new year. My next performance will be on February 19th, 2023, in Brooklyn, New York, and we are currently working out details for another performance shortly after that. My plan is to do as many performances as possible. My team and I are always looking for opportunities to hit the stage here in the states and abroad, which makes the journey even more fun. I can’t wait to hit the stage and show the world how I’m coming. I just hope they are ready for me like I’m ready to embrace my new and old fans.

Is this single and music video part of a wider release of music for 2023? If so, what direction are you wishing to take your sound this year?

Yes, you said it best. It’s definitely a part of a wider release of music for the year. We are just getting started literally. I know I can speak for the team when I say we are ready to take on all obstacles. We came too far to slow down now. The vault is backed up and that’s what it’s about. So, expect at least one drop every month for the entire year. Midway through the year I should have enough music in the cut to start 2024. I’m ready to apply pressure and I’m super excited to see the results.

What’s next for Kafi Kayzo beyond “ON EVERYTHING”? Do you have any manifestations for the year ahead?

I manifest good health and good wealth for all of us. I’m doing this to take care of me and mine. I want us to see real growth, I want to be in an advantageous position when it comes to my music. I really just want things to be fair for me. I deserve it. I also hope to travel more and continue being a student of the game. One day I will be on tour doing what I love.

Watch the official “ON EVERYTHING” music video below: