Sadye’s just dropped the “fuck boy circus anthem” of dreams; listen to the brand new alt-pop cut "Keep It To Myself" now.

It’s been a long road for rising artist Sadye, who today releases her latest single, “Keep It To Myself”. From humble beginnings, Sadye uses her music to retell past experiences with depth and heart, often delving into heavy themes in her alt-pop output. After an intense struggle with cancer, her lyrics are steeped in catharsis as she comes to terms with her literal and figurative scars, which are unexpectedly juxtaposed with catchy melodies and edgy pop production.


Breathing new life into the experimental sphere, “Keep It To Myself” follows Sadye’s debut, “Biblical”, a tune representing a rebirth. Beautiful yet dark, she invites listeners to see what came before, while pushing onwards. Second single, “Dark Side” took the form of a beguiling love song. Her new offering, “Keep It To Myself” takes on the same sarcastic air throughout the rest of her output, an alt-pop cut complete with synth melodies and driving 808s.


Speaking on the track, Sadye confides, “I wrote it about the same relationship I talked about in my first release, ‘Biblical’. I was embarrassed to be stuck in a loop with this person, sneaking them out of my apartment. The song is definitely me sarcastically biting back, telling them I know it isn’t love and all the non-feelings are mutual. Slush Puppy came in and produced it out. He gave me the fuck boy, circus anthem of my dreams.”

Stream "Keep It To Myself" now: