Bristol-based artist, Natalie Oaks, releases her stunning debut EP ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.

Originally from Gloucester, Natalie Oaks showcases a unique brand of alternative hip-hop, R&B, neo-soul and lo-fidelity. Fresh out of the South-West and inspired by the likes of Loyle Carner’s earnestness, Ms. Lauryn Hill’s flow and Frank Ocean’s lyricism, Natalie moved to Bristol in 2020.


Through a heavily musical upbringing, her love of writing started at the age of 10, where her attraction to words became apparent to everyone. With a passion for connecting with her audience, Natalie’s sound is completely immersive, allowing you to unwind whilst basking in her rhythmic melody, abstract lyrics and idiosyncratic sound.


After a wondrous response to her debut single “One of a Kind”, Natalie is returning with her debut EP ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. The 4-track compilation focuses on the journey through 2020’s infamous isolation, exploring the relationships and loneliness that engulfed us all. Blissful and dreamy, the EP offers up a comforting, melodic warmth. An effortless and pure authenticity oozes from each track, acting as a helping hand to guide us through life’s obstacles.

Explaining the meaning behind her debut project, Natalie explains, “The EP was written at a time full of confusion and desperation. 2020 was tough and it meant that I spent a lot of time in my own head, trying to understand how I felt about so many things that usually went on in my life. From unhealthy obsessions to daydreams. The stories I tell, although seemingly uncomplicated, navigate those moments of self-reflection we all experience when we get a moment to step back from the chaos. ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ is a snapshot of my search for clarity… whilst trying to do it with style.”


Natalie’s fresh musical nuance signifies her arrival as an exciting new talent amongst R&B’s finest, as you find yourself absorbed in her natural, poetic lyricism and soothing vocal performances.

Listen to 'Keeping Up Appearances' below: