Blood Cultures drop their new single "Keeps Bringing Me Back" with a captivating music video to boot.

Psych indie pop act Blood Cultures has released their latest single, “Keeps Bringing Me Back”, on Pack Records.


Set against a dark indie-electronic soundscape, “Keeps Bringing Me Back” explores dual meanings – an internal exploration of darkness alongside the growth that comes with self-acceptance. 


Blood Cultures has so far been an anonymous project, but today, the veil of secrecy has been lifted in honour of their Pakistani-American heritage. The new song stands for embracing their identity and personal journey. Blood Cultures chose to wear both a burka and suit on the artwork cover, personifying a challenge to societal norms while bringing attention to differences regarding gender identities and contrasting cultures.


“Keeps Bringing Me Back” can be considered the birth of a new chapter in Blood Cultures’ creative reckoning, exemplified by the calling out of the lyrics “keeps bringing me back, back to life”.


In line with the lyrical theme of inner discovery and confronting one’s own shadow, the music video for “Keeps Bringing Me Back” tells the story of someone put into a hypnotic trance by a psychotherapist. Digging into the depths of their unconscious, they uncover what they have feared most all along – themselves. Shaped like a psychological thriller, the video was inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Panos Cosmatosm whilst paying homage to Carl Jung.

Watch the music video below, premiering at 5pm GMT: