Nigerian stars team up on a new EP intended to raise money for women's health in the nation.

Talk about an all-star team up: five of the brightest lights of the Afrobeats scene in Nigeria have teamed up for a brand new EP for a truly worthy cause.


Lady Donli, Oshun, Bella Alubo, Tomi Owo and Mz Kiss have teamed up with the charity Red Hot Org to release a new EP, ‘Kele-le’, intended to provide crucial financial support for women’s health clinics amid the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic in the nation.


The four-track EP lets each artist (with Oshun featuring) take the stage for a song of their own, from Mz Kiss’s exuberant party tune “You Look Good” to pan-African neo-soul in Lady Donli’s “Kauna” through to the closing track, where Bella Alubo gets her experiment on in alt-pop tune “Loneliest Girl in the World”.


This is just the first of many collections that’ll be released in tandem with Red Hot Org, tackling the struggle of women’s health by uplifting bold female voices and telling stories of personal liberation that truly resonate with the struggle to achieve decent healthcare.

Listen here:

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