JUNO Award-nominated soul whizz Zenesoul, calls on herself to keep going despite the hardships in latest track, ‘KEOTR’.

Feeling the ebbs and flows of life dawn on you? Or are you feeling tired of letting toxic energy consume you? Either or, Zenesoul has felt this too; the very reasons why she felt propelled to craft ‘KEOTR’, a poignant track serving as a gentle reminder to herself and listeners alike to remain steadfast in goodness despite life’s tumultuous tides. Rallying others to be their authentic self, ‘KEOTR’ sees Zensoul unveil her sunken vocals atop a spellbinding rhythm that sits on the cusp of R&B and Afropop.


Fresh off the heels of two back-to-back sold-out concerts in Toronto, Zenesoul looks to continue to rise through the ranks with this latest release. Dishing up a much-needed glimpse into her EP slated for later this year, ‘KEOTR’ sees Zenesoul lean further into her Nigerian heritage as she infuses the track with afropop and afrobeat tinges that are perfectly interplayed with her motif soulful sound.


Standing as a reminder to “to guard your soul and maintain focus on who you aspire to be”, the upbeat anthem is laden with soothing flow and captivating rhythm, as Zenesoul candidly delves into her personal journey, resiliently bouncing back from adversity. With funky drum melodies and pulsating bass guitar riffs, ‘KEOTR’ shows off the Nigerian artist’s unwavering determination to rise above life’s challenges and embrace authenticity with every beat.


Speaking further about the inspiration behind ‘KEOTR’, Zenesoul says, “This song is inspired by me wanting to create something uplifting despite the toxic energy that I feel is outside when it comes to the dating world. It’s a reminder to myself and others to keep being a good person and to continue to love regardless of it all. Everything may be falling apart but keep eye on the road and maintain who you are”.

Listen to 'KEOTR' now: