“Life is about choices” is the underlying mantra echoing throughout Charlie Watts' short film "King Arthur" starring acclaimed boxer Lyndon Arthur.

“King Arthur’” is the powerful new short film from up and coming director Charlie Watts, telling the story of rising Boxing champion Lyndon Arthur.

The film was premiered to great reception at HOME theatre in Manchester last week and it’s easy to see why – a mix of close up shots, old film reels and personal snapshots illustrate the emotional journey of Arthur from a disillusioned kid grieving for the loss of his brother to gun violence to a successful professional boxer. The montage is soundtracked with cinematic, building instrumentals and audio from interviews with crucial people in his life including his mother, his coach and his peers.

The message is clear, it takes a village to raise a champion and determination can change destiny. With Arthur’s undefeated record of 15 wins and 12 knockouts, it’s hard to argue. It’s a powerful sentiment of hope that counters the fear of violence and street life that is acknowledged as a widespread issue in this community. Arthur says poignantly, “Life is about choices”, and as the film ends with a shot of the boxer on a morning jog as the sun rises over his neighbourhood, it seems he’s made the right one.

Watch the emotive and inspirational short film below

King Arthur (Short Film) from charlie watts on Vimeo.