Their video for "King" is a breakaway from the norm.

Founded back in 2016 by Ben Cormack and Aram “Max” Vehuni, slenderbodies are the musical maestros that you need to have firmly on your radar. Currently enjoying enhanced recognition on the back of their Mura Masa support slot, the duo met at UC Santa Cruz before kicking off their musical career together. Since then, they’ve enjoyed a bunch of successful releases and have amassed a firm fan following, evidenced by their 18m+ streams online.

Their most recent release is the regal “King”. Featuring smooth groove undertones and majestic vocals, the track clearly points towards the twosomes prowess as producers. Their video is something a little different,  a breakaway from the norm, its an animated video which is apparently shadow-puppets played out by a young lad, who mimics a classic rescued princess story. It’s refreshing to have something a little off-the-cuff compared to what we’re used these days, with everyone creating the same thing. It’s also a little taste what we can expect from the duo in 2019, when it’s certain to a mega year for them. We’ll be keep an ear close to the ground on their upcoming projects – but for now, we’ve got “King” to quench our thirst.

King is out via Avant Garden.

"King" by Slenderbodies