Belfast-based hip-hop trio Kneecap are soundtracking an Irish cultural resurgence. For Notion 95, they talk their Sundance film debut, challenging authority and why they stick up for what they believe in.

“Politicians use us as a means to get on the radio because our stuff gives them something to be outraged about. Everyone wants to be outraged nowadays.”  


Kneecap have been the talk of the town since their inception in 2017. Uniting young people from their Northern Ireland homeland of Belfast, whilst ruffling the feathers of the mainstream media, their riotous and drug-fuelled music has seen them at the forefront of an Irish cultural resurgence. Now, as Curzon are set to release their comedy-drama film Kneecap, the trio talk about their Irish republican politics, controversy, and how this semi-fictionalised biopic will pave the way for their native language.


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