KNØTTZ presents the hardest of hardcore hip-hop on the ragged “IDENTITY CRISIS.”

KNØTTZ is a rising hardcore artist whose music is quickly gaining traction in the industry. Having started his journey on SoundCloud, KNØTTZ has been developing his craft and honing his skills over the years to reach this point. KNØTTZ is an artist who takes music seriously and has gained a passionate and engaged following for his music.


KNØTTZ made his presence known after his first show in the local scene in 2021, where he showcased his unique sound and style. Since then, KNØTTZ has consistently built his social media presence and released new music monthly on all platforms. His music mirrors his life experiences, and it is clear that he uses music as an outlet to escape and find solace from the hardships of life.


KNØTTZ’s music reflects his values and speaks to the disenfranchised and angry youth who feel the world has misled them. KNØTTZ’s dedication to his craft is evident in acquiring his recording equipment to mix his tracks. He also organises shows in the local scene to help other beginner artists gain a local audience, highlighting his passion for the growth and development of upcoming artists.


“IDENTITY CRISIS” has KNØTTZ presenting brutal truths with unflinching honesty. Nods to JPEGMAFIA’s jagged edges and split-second cuts appear throughout the whole album. The negativity is intense, and no light is let in at all. Instead, the brooding, contemplative undercurrent offers a bedrock to the seething rage that races overhead. Darkness permeates each arrangement, bringing industrial, noise, hardcore punk, and trap into the mix. Everything here stuns as the pieces have brevity, allowing for much territory covered in such a short timeframe.


“ONE OF US IS GOING TO DIE” rushes to the forefront, as the bass has a nimbleness. The defiance of “FINGERSLIP” is palpable. “MINOR INCONVIENCES (feat. tønejustdied)” makes sure to work itself into a frenzy for the finale. Perfectly balanced “IDENTITY CRISIS” speeds up and slows down, disorienting the listener. Origami-like, the way it folds into itself “13th Reason” feels angular. A nod to Godspeed You Black Emperor’s literary bent comes through on “GLASS HOUSE (INTERMISSION).” Blasts of noise define “FUCKED UP.” Dub influences underpin the whole of “BLEED! (feat. Rudeboyurl).” “MY LIBIDO” writhes in pleasure. Burned-out territories come into focus with “BIPOLAR.” Silent, then loud “LEAVE ME ALONE” expresses itself in uneasy gasps. By far, the highlight is “BROKEN WINGS (feat. G3)” Nice record scratches add to the psychedelic “LOOSE LIPS.” “HAHAHA (feat. sad1K)” goes for a freewheeling freestyle. Metallic beats blast forward with “WRISTCUTTER.” Like a lost movie clip, “BLEACH AND PISS” embraces the unease. Interior monologues close the album out with “D.I.D. (OUTRO)”.


KNØTTZ offers a mighty slab of sound with “IDENTITY CRISIS”.