Tap into an exclusive preview of rising singer-songwriter Etham's new single “Know Me Yet”: a tribute to true love.

Since uploading those early singles to streaming services, Etham has become one of the world’s most captivating songwriters. Clocking up hundreds of millions of listens, he’s expertly crafted a sound unique to him, showcasing an innate artistic ability to the envy of many musicians. 


Nowadays, Etham can count himself as a globally recognised artist. Next month, he’ll be playing live in Seoul – one of the many places in which his profile has grown exponentially over the past few years. And he isn’t stopping there. Taking to London’s revered Colours Hoxton venue in October, the singer-guitarist will bring his spellbinding live show to the capital for a one-off night of his stripped-back modern classics. 


“Know Me Yet” is Etham’s latest. A tribute to true love, the single aims to bring life and joy to its listeners. Etham wants us to know that the good times are only the beginning and even better times are yet to come. 

Watch the video for "Know Me Yet" below: