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Krept and Konan are on top of the world, we meet the UK rap pioneers for Notion 79 and find out how they wound up hanging out with Migos, playing shows across the world and much more.

Notion 79 is all about celebrating the breakthroughs. Filled with stories of our favourite pioneers, it’s an issue dedicated to the moments where everything changes and the people that set out to change everything.

Krept & Konan are ready to take their seat at the legends’ table. Nearly a decade into their career they’ve had an undeniable impact on the state of British rap music, inspiring Stormzy and countless other London MCs to take up a mic. Having paid their dues they’re more than worthy of being considered alongside the likes of Skepta, Wiley and Kano and British icons in their scene. We meet the boys in a penthouse suite in London as they tell us about hanging out with the Migos, touring the world and finding out Rihanna was a fan of their music. From the streets of Croydon to kings of the scene, you won’t believe how far Krept & Konan have come.

  • Krept & Konan wear Puma