Multilingual songwriter and producer Kyrill returns with sombre new single “Blue”.

Experimenting with indie-pop, Kyrill Hartog (known by the stage name Kyrill) is an emerging artist whose work is a collection of sombre tracks, heavily influenced by the many cultures he’s been exposed to. Having spent his childhood years growing up in Spain, with Dutch-Russian parents, and currently fluctuating between Brussels and Paris – it’s fair to say the artist has a sizeable influence surrounding his work.  


Today sees Kyrill return with a brand-new track “Blue”, which follows after his last release, “Je rêve de Nice”. “Blue” comes with melodic moody lyrics, along with an escapist video. Picturing contemporary dance moves across a range of several locations, Kyrill collaborates with recurring creative partner and director Gleb Bondarenko for the making of the video. Together the pair create a mood board of dynamic images, nicely paired with Kyrill’s delicate vocal delivery.  


Dropping his debut single, “Lovely Lies”, in April this year, Kyrill has since quickly stapled his sound within the industry. With his music featured across a range of Spotify indie playlists, it’s fair to say the artist is making the right impression. Just seven months into releasing his own material across this musical project, Kyrill has proved he has captivating songwriting skills and considerate attention to detail. 

Watch the music video to "Blue" below: