Egyptian DJ and producer Toola shares buoyant techno house track “La Ola”, following predecessor “Hereet Qalibi”.

Toola is a former electrical engineer, now venturing into the dystopian scene of producing funky techno-house. Working his way up to be a rising DJ and producer, Toola defines his sound through a range of pulsating 909 beats. 


Having spent spring break in Mexico last year, Toola quickly gained influence from his surroundings for his latest single “La Ola”. Beginning his journey DJ’ing a mix of already released tracks, the artist later began to incorporate his own songs into his mix to spice up his gig nights. Now two years into progressing his music project, “La Ola” sees the artist bounce back with another addictive dance track. 


Speaking about his new single Toola says: “the lyrics talk about a girl leaving a guy and the guy saying you never loved me anyways. For me, it means a lot more production-wise than lyrically. I’m really proud of how it came out and how simple it sounds but still makes you groove to the beat. Speaking of the beat, I think the drum sounds amazing which was important because it holds the whole track together. It also means a lot to me in a weird way of how small inspiration in the middle of downtown Tijuana can make you think of the entire track”. 

Stream "La Ola" below: