20-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, Holly Riva, explores the illusive nature of social media on latest track, ‘Labyrinth (Mask Of Me)’.

At only 20 years old, Holly Riva has already finely tuned her sound to the ‘T’. Interplaying a fizzy alt-pop style with earworm melodies, Holly has enraptured hearts and piqued the fussiest music buffs ears with her vivid soundscapes. Unravelling layers of meticulously crafted lyrics – with each line standing as introspective as the last – she opts for a fiercer path with her latest single, ‘Labyrinth (Mask Of Me)’, as she unveils the double lives people live via social media through a dark electronic production.


The wunderkind’s career has seen her bask in multiple limelights already. From soaking in accolades by winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest this year, to performing live on BBC Scotland, as well as being featured on prolific stations, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, Holly is carving her own alt-pop realm, where memorable allure is manifested through an enriching narrative atop a backdrop of catchy melodies.


Such enthralling storytelling is at the crux of her latest single, ‘Labyrinth (Mask Of Me)’, an exploration of the filtered lives many people lead online creating a disparity that Holly describes as “a lie that you can’t live up to, the truth always eventually creeps on you.” Illusion and mystery are echoed through an expansive sound, which sees Ben Epand’s opaque electronic production intertwine with Holly’s sweet but deadly warm vocals.


Reggaeton Latin nuances are woven throughout the track’s distinctive spell-binding rhythm, as deep drum synths interplay with a mystique piano melody, all of which conjure up a musical landscape steeped in intrigue. Further lure is manifested through the labyrinth theme that runs throughout the track, where we do not let anyone see our authentic selves, ultimately creating complex emotional issues woven within a maze of illusions.


Although ‘Labyrinth (Mask Of Me)’ is an anthem imbued in a ferocious backdrop, it marks another universally relatable track to add to Holly’s expansive roaster, as she continues her upward trajectory towards greater musical realms.

Listen to 'Labyrinth (Mask Of Me)' now: