As she celebrates both her birthday and a decade since she bagged her second Number 1 single in the UK, we look back at Gaga best selling singles from "Just Dance" to "Shallow".

Celebrating over a decade of our Mother Monster, Lady Gaga, on her 33rd Birthday, we wanted to take a ten year trip down memory lane and re-visit the No1 singles which have helped make Gaga an international star. Most notoriously known for her deeply artistic visuals which blissfully tell the tales of Gaga’s experiences, perfectly intertwined with her spiritually awakening lyricism. To us, there is no shock that Gaga has not only made her mark as un-arguably the new age Godmother of Pop, but is also a six time Grammy awards winner (we’re certain she has a toilet for each of them!)

Shocking the world with her daring, eccentric and often out-of-this-world outfits (swiftly skimming over her raw meat moment), Lady Gaga will forever reign high as an all-inclusive, fashionista with a mouthful of raw talent (not meat!) that never cease to amaze us. An ally to the gay community, an unrivalled vocalist and a woman’s whose creativity goes beyond the means of comprehensible; we take a look back at the singles which have claimed the UK top spot. 

“Just Dance”

Our Mother Monster’s one shot to fame, Gaga created this four-minute trailblazing hit in literately ten minutes, alongside one of her producer mates in NYC. Originally a sleeper hit which did not get any real leverage until a year after its debut when DJ’s started playing the liberating banger in LGBTQ+ bars and clubs all over the US. Soon becoming a club classic, “Just Dance” became a musical phenomenon. A catchy chorus bellowed by with a zero-fucks-given female talent, it gave the world the reassurance needed to let go and “do you” without worrying who is watching! We’re super thankful to Gaga to this day for deciding to let go of all anger, regret, resentment, fear and all other negative energy in her life, and choose to focus purely on the liberating freedom. So bad energy stay far away! *Lights sage*


Lights, camera, action! Or more like hundreds of stalkers following you day and night looking for the perfect slip. 1984 personified. Carefully writing this mindful song, Gaga wanted to bring the reality behind being an International Pop Star to the spotlight. Also major kudos for the acoustic version of this track, which has has a much more calmer, honest, and intimate feel to the meaning behind the lyrics.

Creatively using her artistic background to satirically comment on the issues of celebrity behaviour, feminism, sexuality and fame-obsessed American culture, Gaga used heavy symbolism and juxtapositions in her techno visuals to shed the light on her personal struggles, lack of privacy, quest for success and balancing love with fame. And we thought we had it bad… 

“Bad Romance”

Never failing to give her Little Monsters the upmost best, “Bad Romance” takes a trip to the dark side. With a futuristic, erotic atmosphere and powerful choreography, it’s no wonder “Bad Romance” is Gaga’s only track to reach over 1Billion views on YouTube alone!

Still one of the catchiest songs of the 21st century, “Bad Romance” is practically impossible to forget. Gaga wrote this fiercely haunting song to express her feelings on attracting those beautiful souls who are either emotionally unavailable, devious or not who we thought they were, so the romance never goes past a bad romance; we’ve all been there right?

Bad Romance was the ticking point for her Little Monsters to understand how she is conceptually striving to subvert the norms of pop music in her visuals and lyricism. It’ll definitely be Halloween costume inspo in a few years time. 


Escaping prison, a mass murder in a diner and escaping in the infamous Pussy Wagon with Queen B; it’s the recipe of one of the worlds most recognised and epic music videos. The artistic complexity of her music and visuals, especially with this video which stretches to a length of nine and a half minutes, is perfectly packaged pop star Gaga in all her glory. This fiery extravagant double diva duo is one that blew the world for months, and still reigns supreme as one of the great music videos of all time. 

The revenge-style fantasy is a continuation of “Paparazzi” which had the press in an uproar due the uncountable number of product placements featuring in the video, but let’s be realistic, how else was the Princess of Pop supposed to afford this one of a kind, musically historical video that is the length of a Ted Talk? Originally intended for Britney Spears, Gaga and Beyonce really showed why they deserved to own this track; a song with nothing but female empowerment, sass, power and a whole heaping boss bitch attitude!


This Oscar award-winning track featuring Bradley Cooper was the crowning jewel from “A Star is Born”. It show’s our Queen Monster in a completely different light; brown natural hair, no bold makeup, no savage backup dancers and definitely no “rah rah ah ah ah’s”. Shockingly surprised with the disappearance of Lady Gaga but in love with the warm welcoming of Stefani, there was no doubt that her fandom would be all over this pure, warmhearted track. Ascending to the ranks as one of Gaga’s best songs, who would have thought the guy from The Hangover and one the most creative pop stars in the world would have been responsible such a victoriously mellow track with a chorus that will forever burn into our aural souls. We dig it. 


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