SVEA was born in the right generation, and she's not afraid to shout about it on her new LP, the last 90s bitch.

On December 28, 1999, just three days before the turn of the millennium, Svea Virginia Kågemark was born, entering the world on the cusp of one of the most vibrant decades in pop culture. Fast forward 24 years, and the singer-songwriter, now better known as SVEA, is releasing her debut album, aptly titled the last 90s bitch. As the title suggests, she doesn’t shy away from her status as a ’90s baby. It’s integral to her identity and her provocatively playful pop soundscape and rhinestone-encrusted style reflect this.


No stranger to the industry, SVEA has been in the game for a while. On this album, she grows into her own, delivering a confident and punchy project. The record is laced with ’90s nostalgia, featuring undulating, uplifting pop beats and defiant vocals. Despite her playful trademark sound, which sits somewhere between The Spice Girls and Confidence Man, the album maintains a range of styles. It’s peppered with everything from playful pop-punk tunes to fierce revenge ballads.


In an ode to the decade, SVEA doesn’t hold back on the cliché ’90s motifs. Yet, her electroclash-infused soundscape holds its own. The album features sticky bubblegum-tech pop in the single ‘Lame’, distorted synths in ‘Dead Man Walking’, and bouncy hooks in her lead single, ‘Breakfast Club’. The project is sassy and raunchy, biting at your ears with a contemporary treasure chest of ’90s nostalgia.


Speaking on the album SVEA, tells us: “During the pandemic, I realised I was sick of writing painfully sincere songs. I wanted to make songs that make you smile, laugh, and dance. So, after binging ’90s and ’00s pop culture and the music of my childhood, I called my favourite musical collaborators and told them the deal. We workshopped my ideas intensely for days: laughing, crying, dreaming big, and starting to write songs, creating my debut album. the last 90s bitch‘ is the result of so many emotions – but above all, it’s a love for really good pop music.”

Listen to the last 90s bitch now: