Estelle Mey releases trippy visuals for her explosive new track, “Late (dino song)”, out today.

Accompanying the gritty vocals and thumping beats of her latest release, “Late (dino song)”, Estelle Mey’s just debuted a new music video. In the self-made project, she merged her own artwork with AI as an ode to the track’s main focus of evolution. Looking at where the idea for the video originated, Estelle explains that the track was made with irony, “It’s about the fact we (us humans) tend to think we know it all and are above other creatures, while we are actually both destroying ourselves and the planet.”


Estelle’s passion for music started out as a child when she first picked up the guitar. Growing up in Iceland meant that she was naturally led down a creative route, which manifested in the form of music. Her true musical awakening, though, came with her move to Britain. Here, she fell in love with the punk scene and started experimenting with her sound. In 2019, she composed her first EP with her baritone guitar, “Limited Luck Edition Demos”. 


When she then met Rob Dowsett, a drummer from Kent, things started to fall into place. The duo set off on a musical venture together, and they’re now beginning to see the fruits of their labour. With their live show and a thrashing EP on the way, they’re a pair to keep an eye on.

Listen to "Late (dino song)"