Slovene alternative rock band Koala Voice unleash punk verve with their hypnotic new video for ‘Late For The Party’.

Gracing us with their signature blend, where indie rock meets disco punk, Koala Voice make a triumphant return, more enthralling and electric than before. The seasoned quartet, as they continue to break sonic borders with their addictive sound, present their new video for ‘Late For The Party’ – an invitation to listeners to fully immerse themselves in its groovy and distinctive soundscape, best savoured when cranked up to the max.


Comprised of lead vocalist / guitarist Manca Trampuš, guitarist Domen Don Holc, drummer Miha Prašnikar, and bass player Tilen Prašnikar, Koala Voice are anything but newcomers to the music scene. Their impressive resume includes opening for the legendary American alternative rock band The Pixies, as well as embarking on three successful tours across the Balkans. Not to mention their appearance at renowned festival, Exit Festival.


Now they’re back to dazzle us with their latest single, showcasing their ever-evolving musical artistry and prowess with mesmerising visuals to match. ‘Late For The Party’ paradigmatically encapsulates the collective’s sound. It’s voguish and the track’s energy is simply infectious, featuring rapid drumming and blistering guitar riffs atop an urgent marauding bass guitar progression that slips and slimmers between notes and octaves. The guitars are gritty and distorted, adding a sharp bite to the track, while vocals and ad-libs bolt in and out, dousing the listener with snippets of cryptic wisdom and uplifting affirmations, leaving us captivated and wanting more.


Echoing the mesmerising beat of their sound, the video offers equally hypnotic visuals. Showcasing 2D animation by artist Aleksander Petković, the video serves as a vivid expression of their punk spirit: featuring a barmaid who sings lyrics using her third eye and a lively ensemble of horned colourful robots dancing, all while we follow the journey of a unique funky-looking character trying to make his way to the party. The perfect video for their alternative punk anthem.


“Late to the party is a piece with positive messages, lively beat and distortion driven guitars, best listened to while driving a car”, the band say, adding – “if you are late or not”.

Watch the video for 'Late For The Party' now: