Texas solo artist, Lauren Presley, returns with alt-pop track, “Sad Songs.”

Lauren Presley is a Texas-born singer-songwriter who made a name for herself with debut single, “Torture Myself,” a single which saw the artist mould her love for pop music. Returning after the success of her sophomore release “A Little Longer,” Lauren is back with a brand-new nonchalant track, “Sad Songs.” 


In the short time Lauren has been making music, it’s clear she has a knack for song writing. Working mostly as a solo project, Lauren is already off to a great start. With her Soundcloud having recently gone viral, and her music previously playlisted across Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop & Night Pop – it’s fair to say she’s gaining much deserved attention.  


Raised on country music, Lauren has been working to perfect a modern-pop sound. Her latest project sees the artist experiment with fun melodies, paired with intimate lyrics. With her following growing more and more with each release, it’s fair to say Lauren is on an exciting journey, and “Sad Songs” is the latest promising step. 

Listen to "Sad Songs" below: